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An IRA (Individual Retirement Account) allows you to save money for retirement and potentially earn big tax benefits. 

You can open an IRA with a fairly small amount or up to your contribution limit.

Contact a local personal financial advisor today to help you get started. 

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An IRA is an account you set up with a financial institution that allows you to save for retirement with the potential for yearly growth that’s tax-free or on a tax-deferred basis. IRAs come in different types that have different advantages. 


Traditional IRAs give you tax benefits now. Contributions may be tax deductible, but you must pay taxes on withdrawals. 


Roth IRAs give you tax benefits in retirement. You pay taxes on your contributions, but withdrawals are tax-free1.


Remember - Contribution limits can change each year. The annual limits for contributions to an IRA are set by the IRS. 

For 2015 and 2016, the maximum IRA contribution is $5,500. That number increases by $1,000 if you're over 50 to $6,500.


It's never too early to start saving. 

Over 40% of working Americans have not started saving for retirement. Take simple steps now to build for a better tomorrow. 

  • For first time homebuyers*
  • 97% financing
  • Up to 6% seller assistance allowed
  • Must be used for the purchase of primary residence